We’re happy you’re interested in becoming a LivesBerg Mentor. At LivesBerg you can teach what you know, or teach what you love, and millions of students are waiting, eager to learn.

Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive regarding how to become an Mentor.

Can I teach a course on any topic?

You are free to choose the topic you wish to teach on LivesBerg. Please refer to our restricted topic list, however, for details on the topics that we do not accept.

Do I have to pay any fees in order to become an Mentor?

There is no fee to be an Mentor on LivesBerg. Mentors are paid according to a revenue share model outlined here. When a student buys your course on our marketplace, revenue is shared between you and LivesBerg, according to our revenue share model.

What approval do I need to get started?

No approval is needed to get started. You can start creating your course via this link. Please note, in order to create paid courses, you’ll need an active PayPal or Payoneer account.

Before your course is published on our platform it will need to meet our course minimum requirements, which can be viewed here.

How will I get paid?

Mentors can connect a PayPal or Payoneer account to their LivesBerg account. You are paid on a monthly basis (more details on our payment schedule for Mentors can be read here).

What’s the general structure of a LivesBerg course? What is the primary teaching method?

A standard LivesBerg course is video-based. Courses must have at least 30 minutes of video content and at least 5 lectures or learning modules. Additional teaching tools (like assignments, quizzes, and coding exercises, etc) can be added to create a rich learning experience for students.

For courses regarding certification preparation, we also offer Mentors the ability to create a Practice Test course. These courses are comprised solely of practice questions (more info can be viewed here).

Are there any requirements that my course must meet?

Yes. Courses must have at least 30 minutes of video content and at least 5 lectures or learning modules.

In order to ensure that students have great learning experiences, we also have a Quality Review Process that every course goes through. For more information on this please click here.

How do I get my course materials on your site?

Since we function primarily as an on-demand, video-based platform, you’ll need to upload your video files directly to LivesBerg. In other words, students must be able to view your course lectures on the LivesBerg platform.

In addition to our standard lecture uploader, we offer the ability to upload materials in bulk or import them via Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, and other file storage tools. More information on our bulk file uploading options can be viewed here.

Does LivesBerg retain exclusive rights to my course if I sell it on your platform?

No. Our marketplace model means that when you publish a course on our platform, you retain all the rights to your content. You simply grant us a license to host the course and make it available to our users, and to advertise your course on our platform and on third party services.

These license terms are outlined in detail in LivesBerg’s Mentor terms. You can also offer your course on other services, but we ask that your course is never offered for a lower price than on LivesBerg. Note that if your course is included in the LivesBerg for Business content collection, per the Promotions Policy, there may be additional distribution restrictions.

Can you tell me more about the existing demand for my course topic on LivesBerg?

With our Marketplace Insights tool, we offer robust reporting on student demand, search volume, and revenue for a particular topic to help you decide what course to teach. If no data exists for a topic you’re searching, it likely means that there’s an opportunity to fill this gap in the LivesBerg marketplace and you should get started right away.

While success as an Mentor on LivesBerg is not guaranteed, this tool offers some powerful data to help you make your decision.

Will LivesBerg promote my course?

As an Mentor, you have the option to enroll in the LivesBerg Deals Program, which is made up of two marketing channels that spotlight your course(s) in different ways. For more information on the program, please click here.

Enrolling in the LivesBerg Deals Program gives LivesBerg the option to promote your course, at a discount. Selection for promotion is not guaranteed.

In addition, we provide Mentors with extensive articles, resources and features at LivesBerg to help you effectively market your course(s). To learn more, please click here.

Can I teach a course in this language?

You can teach a course in any language of your choosing.

Do I have to use my real name to teach a course?

In order to maintain the integrity of our learning community, we do verify your identity before publishing any courses on the site. Mentors are free, however, to use a pen name or pseudonym in their Mentor profile. You are not required to display your legal name.

How do I create a LivesBerg course?

This section includes extensive resources on how you can create a LivesBerg course and get started.