Our Directors & Principals 

Chief Executive Officer Radcliffe Groups of Schools


Mr. Manas Singh

Chief Executive Officer at Radcliffe Group of Schools

Business Leader with 17+ years of experience in Education and IT industry in leadership roles managing all general managerial functions like Operations, Sales & marketing, HR, Finance, Business development and intelligence, customer experience and Go to Market Strategy achieving business growth, developing new businesses and strengthening customer relationships.

Director of Ahlcon Group of Schools

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Mr. Ashok Pandey

Director of Ahlcon Group of Schools

Business Leader with 30+ years of experience in Education

He has worked with several prestigious organizations such as Rotary Public School, Mayo College, International Indian School, Amity International School & Delhi Public School. He was asked to lead principal’s delegation to University of  Malta, Rice Univ, Houston, USA and to the College of  Leadership, Nottinghum, UK. He is heading the National Progressive Schools Conference( NPSC) a  professional body of over 160 schools as its Chairman for a two-year term (2015-17)

Principal of Orchid The International School


Mrs. Richa Kumar

Principal of Orchids The International School

She has been working in education since past 20 yrs, English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali & French. She is honored with the Recognition & Awards from Education World, HFF Edustar . Her Vision is to Design programs to accelerate learning programs for students. Creating a motivated learner in society. Her Mission is to Laying foundation for school students on ethics, honesty, punctuality, self- discipline and gratitude. Managing people, data and processes.


Principal at VIBGYOR High School


Mrs. Veena Gaur

Principal at VIBGYOR High School

She is a versatile and a highly competent educationist with 22 years of experience in the field of education. With her expertise in school administration, K-12 curriculum development, content writing, web based solutions, pedagogy, assessments, marketing, expansion, teachers’ training, recruitment and project management. Have been associated with names such as Presidium as Principal, Kunskapsskolan Eduventure. Heading a team of curriculum writers, She was deeply involved in rolling out K-12 curriculum based on experiential and skill based learning and ensured its effective implementation across the Kunskapsskolan schools, India, was the Resource Person for CBSE and conducted CCE training in schools across several states in India.

Founder & Director of World Education Express


Mrs. Ranjana Tewari

Founder – Director of World Education Express

She is pioneer in promoting the K-12  education culture incubating an education more suited to the needs of educators in the 21st century. She has served as the Principal of the top leading K-12 chains of India for almost two decades- Mount Litera Zee School, Shemford Futuristic School many more. As the Founder Principal of Mount Litera Zee School -Haryana ,she was successful  in setting up a school of very high standard in a  town with all possible challenges. She serves as the honorary advisor to many schools all over India & has conducted many trainings &workshops to uplift the spirit of thousands of teachers and students for more than two decades.

Director & Consultant Clinical Psychologist Spencer Education Ltd and WIPC - United Kingdom


Dr Bryn Williams

Director & Consultant Clinical Psychologist Spencer Education Ltd and WIPC

Dr. Bryn Williams(United Kingdom) a Psychologist from OXFORD. He is an extraordinary, down to earth, soft spoken, dedicated Dr. working on the web-based tool to address the mental health problems in schools, Spenser .Education.. Spencer is developing into a family of tools for teachers and parents supporting children and young people with mental health and developmental difficulties. we have clients in the UK and internationally… He has experience in the psychological assessment of children, young people and adults for the purposes of understanding their developmental and psychological well-being. He is also providing regular psychological opinion requested by the Courts in the UK and Channel Islands, in matters related to attachment, parenting, children’s psychological well being and family breakdown in Public and Private Law.

Founder Director, Petals Groups of School


Mrs. Preeti Kwatra

Founder Director of Petals Group of Schools

Preeti in her 20s was not fully supported by her parents to start her own business, her dream to have her own School. Other people said ‘what’s the need to work’, but this lady was so determined that despite parents from the service background, she took the risk to have her own School, she started from her home with 5 kids only, & today she is the DIRECTOR OF GROUP OF PETAL SCHOOLS, with more than 5000 students. Group of Petal School established in multiple different states. She believed in herself, a self made lady who despite all the adversities accomplished her Dream to have her own Schools & is not Thriving everyday to bring a positive difference in Kids lives.

Co-Founder of Little Genius; Success Story of 12 years young Entrepreneur


Antariksha Verma

Co-Founder of Little Genius

Every parent envision their kids to be Successful & Fortunate in their lives. We never want our kids to go through lack. Success leaves trails, if our kids follow the success patterns of already successful people they can be equally successful. Let us help our kids by sharing growth Mindset kids Success Story & inspire them to identify their purpose of life right in their Formative Years.